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Our Story


As third generation jewelers, we have a great appreciation for the fine and rare. We understand how to infuse classics with designs from emerging talent that are redefining tradition. Our specialty is jewelry and timepieces that become a part of your story and expression of who you are. We want to share our knowledge and introduce you to pieces you never knew you couldn’t live without.



Seeing the workshop, hearing the tools and having access to our Master Goldsmith is a large part of the experience at DCJ Ltd. All bespoke work as well as service and repairs are done onsite. Whether it’s repairing a clasp, resizing a ring or completely reimagining the design of an heirloom piece, every job is dealt with the utmost care, precision and transparency.

Estate Watches


We specialize in timepieces of the highest quality and design because we are passionate about the history and significance of watch making. Every luxury watch has a story to tell, along with the ability to become synonymous with its owner.

Come Meet Us

Our studio is an extension of our home. Our goal is to offer an unparalleled experience in a relaxed environment. Feel the weight of a bracelet, hear why a designer selected a certain gem for a ring, or how a vintage diamond was cut by hand, but above all have fun. You’re welcome to wear tennis shoes on our marble floor to truly experience why we tell people to wear their best jewelry to the grocery store! We encourage you to make an appointment, so your experience is different than anyone else’s.


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